Mix your own E-liquid DIY liquid: Base, Flavoring & accessories

Mix your own E-liquid (DIY)

Mixing your own eJuice can be a lot fun, cost effective, and it’s an experience that can be very rewarding when you accomplish the task of creating a great eJuice you can vape all day and share with your friends.

Doing It Yourself is a lot easier than you may think – it requires a handful of simple tools, ingredients, and a bit research.

You will find in this section base product such as propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin or glycerol (VG), with or without nicotine at varied concentrations.

You will find also the aromas of different manufacturers as well as accessories to help you put together your mixes more precisely.

It’s important to note that not all flavourings are created equally! You will need to do some experimenting here as well and try the same flavourings from different suppliers. You can also find a ton of information, recommendations, and suggestions at nu-vapor forum and ECF.

 ****** ATTENTION ******

The concentration of 100mg should be diluted,  and should not be directly absorbed.

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Flavoring; Liquor: Crème de menthe

Flavoring; Liquor: Crème de menthe FF Professional Flavours

Flavoring; Liquor: Kalua

Flavoring; Liquor: Kalua FF Professional Flavours

Flavoring; Liquor: Abisnthe

Flavoring; Liquor: Absinthe from Flavor West

Flavoring; Other: Mary Jane

Flavoring; Other: Mary Jane from Professional Flavours